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The Crunchy Life Kids' Series is the soon to be #1 readers' choice for students in both elementary and middle school. Equipped with a full language arts curriculum, students are sure to increase their reading comprehension, fluency and critical thinking skills. Full of real life events, universal lessons and new and imaginative renditions of traditional fairytales, students across the country have fallen in love with Glen Mourning's book series titled, Crunchy Life. Be sure to message our team to bring Glen to your auditorium, school library or classroom today. Glen Mourning author visits are the best way to promote literacy and excite students about reading all while having fun.


Words from a Glen Mourning author visit

"We have kids reading now for the first time on their own because of this book that we hadn't read all year. But when they were introduced to this book, they said, 'Oh, can I get the next one?'" Person told the News Journal. "And they've already started to move through his series because of that one book and they hadn't done it before. So it's insane but it all starts with that one book, finding that connection to that child, and from there the sky's the limit."

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