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Meet the author, educator and speaker


Glen Mourning is an educator and author. Crunchy Life Kid's books are his most popular work that consist of an 8 part series written for children ages 8 and up. As the oldest of his mother's five children, Glen's books tie in life memories,  a spin on traditional fairy tales as well as his imagination to create heartfelt and mesmerizing stories. 


Glen was blessed with the opportunity to lead by example where he became the first of two generations to not only graduate from high school, but to complete a masters degree in pursuit of his dream of becoming a teacher. He is currently completing coursework for his second masters degree to become a school principal!


In 2005 Glen earned a Full- Athletic Scholarship to attend the University of Connecticut where he made the "All Big East Conference Academic Honor roll for two years in a row before graduating and attending Grad School. In 2010 Glen finished his masters degree in Elementary Ed. and was named the Student teacher of the year.  


At the beginning of his teaching career, Glen worked along side of the nationally renowned educational contributor Dr. Steve Perry, star of the CNN special "Black in America II" and the host of TV One's "Save our Sons". 


For the past several years Glen has worked as a language arts teacher where his creativity and brilliant approaches to learning have captured national attention. Glen has been featured in Ebony Magazine, People's Magazine, Good Morning America, Good Day New York, The Steve Harvey Show as well as other nationally recognized news and media outlets. Glen also writes for PBS as an educational contributor.


Every summer, Glen's nonprofit, "Generation Forward", donates books and resources to urban and minority youth programs around the country. Since 2021, he has facilitated a 6 week summer reading program at the Freedom Schools in D.C which focuses on literacy skills for K-8 learners. 


Glen's other books include "Care More Than Us: The Young People's Guide to Success" which  is accompanied by the "Young People's Guide to Success Student Workbook".  Glen also partners up with schools through his nonprofit organization to facilitate professional development workshops for teachers and school counselors. Through focusing on building culturally responsive classrooms and school communities, he intends on supporting and strengthening  schools around the country one Mo(u)rning, at a time! 

"When I was a kid, all I wanted was for someone to be there for me and to help me figure out how great I could be"

Recent Testimonials

"Former Danbury student now author and public speaker is on his journey to inspire youth!  Those who were able to attend the Annual DSABC Breakfast saw first-hand how incredibly motivating he is." Ellen Meyst, Director of Danbury Schools and Business Collaborative


"Have you ever believed in someone so much you wanted to help them in everything they do even if it is WAY out of your lane? That’s how I feel about Glen Mourning. Kids these days, are going through things that are hard to explain given their young age. Glen as a teacher, author, and coach is helping his students by writing." Tyler Lorenzen, Super Bowl XLIV Champion 

"Glen is absolutely phenomenal and I wish all of my teachers had what he has inside but I know that its a once in a lifetime type of fire." Shona Person, Elementary principal (Pensacola Florida) 

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"It's amazing that the kids have someone like Glen to look up to each and everyday. I know that Glen is changing lives each time he is with the youth. Kids are blessed to have a role model like Glen" Jimmy Graham, 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee and NFL All Pro Veteran

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